About April

April has some incredible stories to tell and some very deep and meaningful lyrics. [The Hay Festival 2017 was] possibly one of our best recording/roadshows ever.

Andrew Marston

Presenter of BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester

A beautiful, soulful voice.

I’ve had the great privilege of working with April on a song to raise money for charity, so I know she is a passionate and talented songwriter. She cares about every phrase, every rhyme, every note – and her sole focus through everything she does is to bring glory to God.

Amy Box

Singing Coach, BA(Hons) Musical Theatre Graduate

About April

April’s passion for worship is quickly apparent to anyone who spends more than a few minutes around her: her mother-in-law once remarked, “It’s easy to tell if April is at home – just follow the singing!”

Born into a Christian family, April has been blessed with a knowledge of God from an early age, being baptised at 17 at Ross-on-Wye Baptist Church in rural Herefordshire. Although her Christian journey hasn’t always been easy, struggles with body image eventually culminated in a wonderful personal healing, that she freely shares and inspires others with.

About a year after marrying husband Nathan at 21 in 2013, April felt strongly challenged with a calling to release her God-given talents and passions. Initially stepping out into public performance as a singer with local jazz band Serendipity and folk ensemble The Border Reelers, April expanded her musical horizons whilst continuing to lead worship at Ross Baptist with the support and encouragement of Simon Royle and Neil Bennett, amongst so many others.

April is so excited for what God may have planned for her as she steps out on her musical journey. Her ongoing demo EP expresses this, through the wonderful news that God’s grace means that we don’t have to be perfect for Him to use us.

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My Story

of how Jesus healed me of anorexia and depression

Music with a Mission

Music is an incredibly powerful tool. It can stir up emotions, deepen relationships, trigger memories, influence decisions. It can affect how you feel about the future, your outlook on life and even your self-worth.

So consider the huge implications of the messages you feed on daily through the songs you listen to. What is the soundtrack to your life? Is it encouraging, empowering and thought-provoking – or could it actually be harming you?

Give yourself a music M.O.T; check yourself for signs of emotional decay or mental damage. Then go through your music library and ditch anything that does not “fill your mind with things that are good… noble, pure.” (Philippians 4:8).

As a Christian musician, my goal is to sing life-giving lyrics; get the Bible off the shelf and into our everyday lives where it can get stuff done.

Today, you can renew your mind. Starting with your playlist.

My mission is to enable true, authentic worship through three core values:

'Always, only, for my King'

The first and foremost aim: to get closer to God and enable others to get closer to Him.

'Talents and passions'

To trust that God will use my talents and passions to achieve His plans.

'Foot-washing worship'

To bring healing and ministry through my singing, songwriting and testimony, and to serve God by serving others.