Shall we talk about money?

Last year, music-based costs such as travel, recording, management and training amounted to over £5,000.

That’s a lot to me, and if it weren’t for the kindness of friends and supporters who gave a whopping £2,000 towards it, events like Peterborough Prison and projects like the Journey On music video couldn’t have happened.

That £2,000 wasn’t a lump sum from someone very kind and very wealthy (more friends like that please Jesus!) 😉

It was a monthly gift of £10 as part of someone’s tithe, or £50 towards a crowdfunding goal. Amazing people, joining the mission in their own way, enabled the extraordinary to happen.

Here’s what you can expect if you become a supporter:

The most significant Fanta of my life. #FantaBanter

We’ll see healings

There’s not much that gets me more excited than an opportunity to share how Jesus saved my life. Except when I hear that my message stirred somebody to receive prayer for their own illness or problem, and that they are now walking in freedom.

School Assemblies with April Shipton - Christian singer and songwriter inspiring kids and adults to use their talents and passions

We’ll spread hope

Last year alone, a hundred women in prison heard that Jesus heals, 300 students explored their God-given talents and passions, and thousands of people (I still can’t believe this) all over the country turned their radios on to hear a message of hope in my testimony and music.

Ruth O'Reilly-Smith interviews Beyond The Mountain live on UCB2

We’ll share Jesus

From radio to social media, God continues to provide astonishing opportunities to share far and wide what He did in my life. Nationally and beyond, lyrics and testimony signpost the way to complete healing, freedom and fulfilment in Jesus.

YOU ARE Asupporterlife-changerprayer warriorfunderhero

I’d like to give a one-off gift

Your prayers make a huge difference too

Whether you’re a regular giver or not, you can still get involved and be a part of the journey. 🙂 Become an Email Friend below, and I’ll send you special monthly updates so you’ll know what to pray or give for – and when to thank God for answered prayers! You’ll also be the first to hear new track releases and announcements, receive free song studies, find out about upcoming events and glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of my life behind the scenes!